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SATURDAY, April 6th, 2019

09.30 - 17.00, Pre-colloquium Teaching Course on EEG in status epilepticus and on the intensive care unit

This course will be Held at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London. It will be taught by an international faculty who are leaders in the field, and delegates will receive a pack of teaching materials.
The course is designed for Trainees and and Consultant Level clinicians and for technical staff.


MORNING       Introduction
                    Simon Shorvon, Eugen Trinka, Matthew Walter

                    Session 1: Networks and novel targets
                    Chairs: Annamaria Vezzani, Alon Friedman    

                    "Gene therapy for closed-loop seizure suppression"
                    Dimitri Kullmann

                    Secondarily generalized convulsive status epilepticus: circuits and mechanisms
                    Jaideep Kapur

                    Dynamic causal modeling of the EEG in epilepsy
                    Rosalyn Moran

                    Workshop: Outcomes in status epilepticus
                    Chairs: Helen Cross, Holger Lerche

                    Outcome of childhood convulsive status epilepticus
                     Richard Chin

                     Electrographic seizure burden and outcome following paediatric status epilepticus
                     Cecil Hahn

                     Progressive cerebral atrophy in SE
                     Sarah Hocker

Lunch break & posters

AFTERNOON   Session 2: Biomarkers
                    Chairs: Peter Crino, Claude Wasterlain

                    Targeting reactive oxygen species in status epilepticus
                    Matthew Walker
                    MicroRNAs as biomarkers and treatment targets in status epilepticus)
                    David Henshall

                    Biomarkers of inflammation and reactive oxygen species in status epilepticus; implications for therapy
                    Annamaria Vezzani

                    Blood-Brain Barrier disruption in status epileptics: mechanisms and role in epileptogenesis.
                    Alon Friedman

Coffee break

                    Session 3: Physical Treatments of Status Epilepticus
                    Chairs: Tom Bleck, Matthias Koepp

                    Hypothermia as a treatment of
                    Stephane Legriel

                    Neurostimulation in the treatment of status epilepticus
                    Eugen Trinka

                    Workshop: Orphan diseases
                    Chairs: Reetta Kalviainen, Lieven Lagae

                    New therapies of the progressive myoclonic epilepsies
                    Reetta Kalviainen

                    Other speakers tbc

Colloquium Dinner


MORNING       Session 4 : Hullabaloo-Controversies
                    Chairs: Meir Bialer, Mark Cook

                    Lessons from the ESSET Trial
                    Hanna Cock

                    Do neurosteroids have any future in the treatment of status epilepticus?
                    Mike Rogawski

                    What is the role of next  generation sequencing in status epilepticus ?
                    Renzo Guerrini        

                     Workshop: Status epilepticus due to nerve gases and poisons
                     Chair: Tom Bleck

                     Role of KCNQ2/3 potassium  channels in cholinergic status epilepticus
                     Jaideep Kapur

                    Other speakers tbc

Coffee break

                     Session 5: Big data, seizure detection and prediction
                     Chairs: Daniel Lowenstein, Christoph Kellinghaus

                     New avenues in seizure detection and prediction
                     Mark Cook

                     Big data – future roles in status epilepticus
                     Brian Litt

Lunch & posters & conference photograph

AFTERNOON    Symposium 1

                     Session 6: Nobel Laureate lecture
                     Chairs: Simon Shorvon, Matthew Walker

                     Nobel Laureate lecture by Professor James Rothman

                     Session 7: Genes and paediatrics
                     Chairs: Renzo Guerrini, Reetta Kalviainen

                    Status epilepticus and genetic variations in sodium channel genes
                    Holger Lerche

                    Status epilepticus and mTOR signaling
                    Peter Crino

                    The role of PCDH19 in refractory status epilepticus
                    Nichola Specchio

Coffee break

                     Session 8: Paediatrics and research networks
                     Chairs: Richard Chin, Cecil Hahn        

                    The treatable causes of neonatal status epilepticus
                    Ronit Pressler

                    The SENSE registry of status epilepticus
                    Christoph Kellinghaus

                    The European Reference Network for rare and complex epilepsies epiCARE and its role in status epilepticus
                    Helen Cross

                    Update on North American pediatric convulsive status epilepticus research networks
                    Tobias Loddenkamper

                    Data blitz – Clinical
                    Chairs: Sarah Hocker, Monica Ferlisi


MORNING    Session 9: Sponsored session:  Novel drugs and devices in the treatment of status epilepticus
                 Chairs: Daniel Lowenstein, Matthias Koepp

                 Data blitz – Basic
                 Chairs: Rob Wykes, David Henshall

Coffee break

                 Session 10: Novel treatments approaches in status epilepticus
                 Chairs: Brian Litt, Matthias Koepp

                 Lessions from the Sage trial
                 Andrew Cole

                 Latest work on polytherapy
                 Claude Wasterlain
                 Status epilepticus in pregnancy-can we frame a uniform treatment protocol?
                 Ashalatha Radharishnan

Lunch & posters

AFTERNOON    Symposium 2

Coffee break
                  Session 11: Novel drugs in the treatment of status epilepticus
                  Chairs: Nicola Specchio, Tobias Loddenkemper

                   New treatments of mitochondrial disease and their impact on status epilepticus
                   Shamama Rahman

                   “Fenfluramine : a possible treatment for acute repetitive seizures?”
                   Lieven Lagae

                  The promise of new valproic acid amide derivatives in status epilepticus
                  Meir Bialer

                  Propofol Prodrug for the Treatment of Acute Repetitive Seizures
                  Mike Rogawski

                  Simon Shorvon, Eugen Trinka, Matthew Walter

        End of Colloquium and Farewell Drinks


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